Twas the night before school starts…

Twas the night before school starts
And all though our hood…
The boys were all brooding
Pissed off, in a mood.

The summer is over,
A Junior one is.
And then one in middle school,
He thinks he’s a whiz.

The attitudes are coming,
The rolling of eyes,
The moaning and groaning,
The when’s and the why’s.

The book bags are packed,
Stuffed up to the top
I have no more money
Please God make it stop.

The school fees, supplies,
The lunch, buy or pack?
The clothes and the shoes
All purchased and stacked.

The boys, they’re not happy
But parents, oh I hear…
You are giddy and elated
Most wonderful time of the year!

Get to bed, get there early
It is close, almost near
The day it is coming,
Don’t sweat, have no fear.

The buses, the car pools
The sports after school
The running, the time crunch
Man I sure miss the pool.

So enjoy this small moment
It’s rare, look around
Tomorrow it will be quiet
Not a peep not a sound.

The day will go quickly,
Before you can blink
The buses will bring them
Back home in a wink.

You’ll hear the excitement
The friends they have made
The learning and homework
No memories shall fade.

Get ready, it’s coming
It’s school time again!
The early alarm clock
Hit snooze, keeps you sane.

Night night all…
That alarm comes fast.
Happy new school year to all!
Making memories, make them last!

Parenting is perfectly meshy!
Happy new school year!

One thought on “Twas the night before school starts…

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